Ice Cream Marketing in Reading

The Baskin and Robbins model of sports marketing explained.

This IG post made me laugh.

It’s a Mom showing her songs showing a total lack of interest in the Reading Royals Ice Angels Dance Team.  Boys will be boys it seems.

It also reminded me that everyone in game presentation is serving a wide variety of fans: Purists who want no music, boys who want hockey fights, girls who like the music and fans who come to unwind for a Friday Night drink….and every fan in-between.

Sports Marketing “Legend” Len Komoroski, now of the Cleveland Cavaliers, used to refer to this as the Baskin and Robbins model. 31 flavors, with something for everyone.  And he’s right.

Your show is a high-wire balancing act keeping all of these fans appeased and entertained. While you can’t please everyone, you certainly need to try.

As the Mom noted these two may shift their passions from cowbells and hat tricks in time, and you know the Reading Royals will be there offering something to keep them engaged and coming out for Royal’s Hockey.

That’s the game.

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