NBA Draft Night in Charleston

Declare for the NBA Draft with this playful Riverdog promotional night.

A little something different this week at the water cooler.  Its a whole week dedicated to one team, since their promo calendar just really popped for me.  The Water Cooler is about making moment that fans will talk about and I want to talk about these promos before they even happen.

The Charleston Riverdogs are the team. Based in Charleston, SC they are the Single-A South Atlantic League affiliate of the Yankees. Their home stadium is at Joseph P. Riley, Jr. Park and are famously owned by The Goldklang Group which is an ownership group led by Marvin Goldklang. The group includes Jeff Goldklang, Bill Murray, Tyler Tumminia, Mike Veeck, and Tom Whaley.

The team recently released it’s promo calendar with a slew of fun clever promotions that just jumped off the screen for their unique playfulness. The team has  a year-long mission statement to Make Fun: RiverDogs believe that we can create a better, happier, more joyful community by helping people “Make Fun.

The are off to a great start with their promotional calendar, starting this weekend.

NBA Draft Night (April 13): The RiverDogs provide the platform to make one of their fans the next breakout star in “The Association.” All eligible fans in attendance can declare for the upcoming NBA Draft in line with league rules (19 and older) and have a chance to hit a $1,000 half-court shot (read more about Prize Indemnification in our interview with Todd Overton). The RiverDogs will wear specialty jerseys that are the first of their kind; in the spirit of draft day style, the inside of each “suit” is lined with even more RiverDogs pride.

Again, playful and fun. I’m looking forward to the jerseys that have tremendous potential and a rich history to work from/  Too bad the team has to all dress alike, because the top 25 suits of all time would be a fantastic visual.

Stay tuned all week as we look how the team is making fun:

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