Recap: Marketing Your Delivery Program

Colleen Flynn and a gaggle of industry insiders discuss marketing strategies and best practices around Mascot Delivery Programs.

On July 13th, 2022 Colleen Flynn from Mascot-Link was our guest to talk about Marketing your Delivery Program.  Colleen is an expert in the space as the provider of the Software as a Service Mascot-Link tools.  Our room was full of mascots from across sports, including the NBA, WNBA, MILB and minor league hockey.

Homer (Charlotte Knights) gave some great background on his program.  As a new performer he walked into an established delivery program, so having some tools and history helped him execute an out-of-season delivery program on short notice.

On the call we discussed strategies and tools to promote your deliveries, including:

  • Social Media
  • Team Radio Broadcast drops
  • Kids Club Newsletters
  • Team Ticket Sales Newsletters
  • Community Blog
  • Performing a in-game skit highlighting the delivery service (See Hooper note below)
  • Delivering to local celebrities or officials to promote the service
  • LED boards outside stadiums
  • Using the Partners (flower shops, etc) to promote

The group also talked about ways to make your deliveries more value and eye-catching, like focusing on the EXPERIENCE of having your mascot perform the delivery….because that is the most valuable part of the service (anyone can send candy…but ONLY your mascot can make this exclusive branded experience.)

These value added elements were all discussed:

  • Adding photos
  • Video
  • Preparing Gift Baskets
  • Adding social media tags
  • Including Ticket as an added part of the sale
  • Team Store Vouchers and Discounts
  • Scoreboard Shoutouts
  • Using the team branded vans
  • The importance of music
  • Custom made signs and Creat-a-Banas for the delivery to help the mascot express the message

Also discussed was the amount of time to spend at deliveries, how to sell your team on the value of a delivery program, and Mascot-Links powerful tool to help you make sure the RECIPIENT is THERE.

Really great call with tons of insight and value added from the mascots who have been refining their delivery programs. These calls happen twice a month for our Plus Members and select clients. To get involved with this exclusive group and have have access to the full archived videos check out Plus.  Currently we offer a one month trial.

These Water Coolers we referenced on the call.

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