Recap: Developing Talent with Anton Wright

We dig into the process of building an entertainment teams and talent with Anton Wright from MLSE, one of the most accomplished leaders in sports.

Anton Wright, Director & Executive Producer, Game Presentation and Events at Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment (MLSE) has been growing and developing talent through the SIX teams he oversees. Finding and training and Anton is constantly grooming the next generation of in-game performers including DJs, mascots, drummers, dancers and hosts.  We dug into the process of building an entertainment team with one of the most accomplished leaders in sports.  Jonny Greco led the discussion.

Great group of professionals from across sports including NBA, minor league hockey, NHL, Minor League Baseball, MLR, G League, WNBA and NFL.

The hour-long huddle discussed how to groom, grow and develop talent.  In Anton’s world that includes six sports properties, but the fundamentals apply to any leader.

Here Jonny Greco asks Anton how his time coaching a softball team helped him with the skills to coach and lead entertainment teams.

Anton shared a more detailed look at one example from the Raptors.  Their current host Mariah Amber started as a Raptors Dancer, transitioned to the G-League team host to refine her skills and now is a top NBA host for the Raptors.  Anton shares her journey, how that helps attract more talent and how it improves the entertainment level across all the MLSE properties.

You can also read more about Mariah Amber in our High Five game review from the Raptors.

The full hour video call is available in our archives for Plus Members.

High Five – Toronto Raptors

Other topics included:

  • Ways outside of compensation to provide perks and benefits to entertainers to keep and motivate them.
  • Management tools to help you grow talent.
  • How to recognize and grow talent
  • Finding other opportunities for your talent to evaluate them and improve their performance.
  • How MLSE uses top teams as motivation for performers to start with their minor league teams.

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