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Star Wars Nights are a sports marketing phenomenon. We take the Pulse from dozens of teams with examples, insights and inspiration to make your fans feel the Power of the Force!

How do you incorporate your video board for Star Wars Night?

Teams use a combination of scoreboard activations on Star Wars Night to build-out the theme.

Nearly all of our respondents create welcome and thank you messages with Star Wars-inspired graphics.

Most teams also use a sprinkling of movie clips and video shorts, along with lower-third graphics and wipes to enhance the presentation.

Gregor Blanco Yoda at Dodger Stadium
Star Wars Night Sharks Use Force To Stop Cobras-124

Another popular in-game scoreboard use is a Fan Cam highlighting the people who have dressed up for the game, often including the 501st Legion Characters. Of course putting the characters in interesting locations and situations can make these cams more fun. For example, ending with Darth Vader in a luxury suite or Storm Troopers flanking security staff can elevate the impact of the Cam.


The Lakeland Magic use the classic Star Wars scroll to start their custom game introductions for the night.

The Sacramento Kings also build the player headshots around the theme to connect the players to the promotion.

Another popular integration of the board is with Star Wars Trivia, either as an in-game contest or as a pre-game interactive graphic.

We looked at how the Tagboard software can be used for contests, fan-generated content or theme-night activations on our Huddle call with Farren Benjamin and Alexandra Pope. You can see this page for a recap and additional inspiration. Recap:  Tagboard

How do you change/augment your music presentation for the night? Any music uses, changes, bumpers?

Music is a powerful way to connect the ballpark experience to the promotion.  Teams are finding ways to augment their sound effects and in-game music with Star Wars beats.

Will Satler from the Bismarck Larks explains “Many of the primary slots when music is used are changed to feature music from Star Wars films. We also use sound effects from the movies throughout the night/game.”

The Kane County Cougars use three primary placements for the audio: Visitor introductions, Starting line ups and during their fireworks show.

Star Wars Night at Tiger Stadium

The Mud Hens are even more ambitious with the deep library of available Star Wars music. They try to use Star Wars music exclusively during their game.

Most teams we surveyed use additional sound effects throughout the game.

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