Mascot Drying Chamber™


Mascot Drying Chamber™ is a mobile drying and storage cart for mascot costumes.

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Developed by a and a 20-year professional mascot, the Mascot Drying Chamber™ is a mobile drying and storage cart for mascot costumes.  The chamber features a fan to circulate air all around the costume to speed drying and protect your investment.  Proper drying is critical to keeping costumes fresh and helps maintain your costume longer.

The chamber is a high-quality wire shelf with durable wheels, allowing you to store and transport.  Perfect for characters who do not have permanent storage in the arena or stadium.  Mascot performers can hang costumes and roll to storage.  Then simply plug in the Drying Chamber and your costume gets a steady flow of air to dry your costume for the next appearance.   No more packing away a wet costume, where sweat and bacteria can damage your costume, creating permanent odor, stains and weakening some furs and fabrics.

Some assembly is required.  Wire shelf comes with complete instructions and the attached guide helps you set up properly in 60-90 minutes.

We have several optional designs for the exterior of your Mascot Drying Chamber™.  Choose from our blank solid color option (you pick any color), use your own Hi-Res Image, or send a vector logo and customize your design.  All for the same price.  Designs allow you to brand your cart or keep the contents private with the discrete solid color design.

Kit comes in 3 shipments (wire shelf and wheels, outer panels, fan and parts).  Shipping to US included, we do not ship this product to Canada at this time.

  • Nexel® Chrome Wire Shelving
  • 74″H 24″W X 24″D
  • Designed for Years of Heavy Duty Service
  • Includes 4 posts with leveling feet, 4 shelves and snap-on sleeves to secure shelves to posts – everything needed to build unit shown.
  • Electroplated nickel-chrome is durable, chip resistant and attractive for use in retail display.  Some assembly required, no tools needed.
  • Four Panels of durable Vinyl Banner with hemmed edges and grommets. Custom printing options (custom logo, color panel, photo option, see product photos)
  • Box Fan
  • 30 Zip ties to attach the outer panels
  • Total height of completed unit is 80″ by 24″ by 24″
  • From top of shelf to top of next shelf is 7 inches (top shelf used for storage, bottom shelf used for box fan)
  • Both top and bottom shelves should be 7 inches
  • CAUTION:  Use caution when moving shelf.  Tall narrow cart can tip.
  • Outdoor banner, grommets and hemmed on all 4 sides
  • Make sure top shelf is turned middle support runs front right to left for hangers
  • Hangers not included
  • Polyurethane Swivel Wheels – Stem Caster Type

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 6 in