I Hate Cell Phone Camera Shirts


The “I Hate Cell Phone Cameras” Shirts shirt…Developed by Houston Rocket’s Mascot Clutch, this shirt is the playful revenge on the bane of mascot life….the Camera Phone.

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New mascot tool, the “I Hate Cell Phone Cameras” shirt.

Mascot shirt created by Houston Rocket’s Mascot Clutch to make Lemonade out of Lemons.

Most mascots know the pain of getting one photo request in a section or on the concourse…which is that it will never end. Everyone has a camera now, so the line forms instantly and there is no escape.

Now you can turn bad situation on its head for laughs. Just enter a section, head slumped down and wade into the pool of camera phones.

  • Tank Top in 3XL, fits most mascots
  • Royal Blue Shirt with white imprint on front and back
  • Large and easy to read imprint is about 14″ by 14″

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Weight 2 lbs