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For over 20 years Prize Parachutes have been floating onto the sports marketing scene. is the clear leading provider in Prize Parachutes, offering a number of solutions. No one does Parachutes better.

Prize Parachutes floated onto the sports marketing scene about 10 years ago and have been gaining momentum ever since. is the clear leading provider in Prize Parachutes, offering a number of solutions. Recently we have refined our parachute offerings and we specialize in providing the best chutes and service for your needs. No one does Parachutes better.

We have selected several parachute solutions, from blank smaller prize chutes to jumbo imprinted t-shirt parachutes, and created a special section to help you through the order process. This page has details on the options and a form to request a quote on your specific needs to take you all the way through the order process.


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Anyone can simply hand out an imprinted product, but if the delivery is memorable the promotion stands out even more. You can now drop your premiums from the top of the arena with the Parachutes and T-Chutes.

For example, during a recent Philadelphia 76ers basketball game, the team’s ownership, Comcast-Spectacor, provided a few hundred imprinted, red chip-clips. Rather than handing them out on a first-come-first-serve basis, the clips were launched from the top of the stadium attached to red, imprinted cloth parachutes. As the clips floated down to the first and second levels, fans reached with gusto for the inexpensive promotional product. However, grabbing one became more enticing when it was announced that one of the parachutes also included a free trip to an island resort. The place went wild. Unfortunately for the 10,000+ in attendance, there was only one winner, but those who snagged one of the products cherished it just the same. (* Promogram).

Other teams like the Miami Heat use our larger T-chutes to drop t-shirts from the catwalk to screaming fans below creating one of their most popular in-game promotions.

The Sixers run this promotion every game and drop about 500 parachutes in a dazzling sky display. Parachutes drop down with a 3 inch chip clip. Some clips have a coupon for a sponsor and most nights, one parachute has a coupon for a grand prize on one chip clip. This prize varies from a restaurant gift certificate to a DVD player that can be picked up at fan accommodations.

They selected the chip clips for several reasons. The clips are lightweight, inexpensive, printable, useful and allow them to attach the coupons easily.  Prize Chutes are limited to 3 or fewer ounces on the drop. A second option, is a larger T-chute that allows for heavier items (like t-shirts) and bolstered advertising opportunities. offers blank white Prize Chutes and T-Chutes in our stores with no minimum order (and we keep hundreds in stock to ship in out in 1-2 business days).  Imprinted chutes have a minimum order of 500 units and are in-hands about 3 weeks from approved art.

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Prizes on the chutes must be soft and of minimal weight. Many users attach redeemable coupons to the chutes that fans can exchange for t-shirts or other prizes. One consideration for dropping items is that you don’t want to drop anything from the rafter that would be dangerous if the chute doesn’t open fully. Soft, light items are recommended.Use the form below for more information, pricing or to start your custom order.

You can get a quick shipment of blanks from The Store at (Prize Chute Blanks or T-Chute Blanks).

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    PrizeChutes – Prize Parachutes and T-Chutes

    Prize Parachutes floated onto the sports marketing scene about 10 years ago and have been gaining momentum ever since. ...
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