Two Part Giveaway Checks all the Boxes

One-Two punch of a poster and noisemaker checks all the boxes for an effective giveaway night in the Valley.

An inflatable noisemaker, like thunderstix or a bam bams, add several benefits and values for basketball fans at a game:

  1. Enhanced Game Atmosphere: The inflatable noisemaker creates an exciting and energetic atmosphere during the game. The loud noise from the noisemaker adds to the cheering of the crowd, creating an electrifying ambiance.
  2. Increased Fan Engagement: The noisemaker can encourage fan participation and engagement with the game, as it can be used to support the team by making noise during important plays, such as scoring or defense.
  3. Memorabilia: The inflatable noisemaker can serve as a souvenir for the fan to take home as a memento of the game.
  4. Advertising: The noisemaker can also serve as a form of advertising for the team or sponsor, as it can display the team’s logo or sponsor’s brand on the inflatable.

Overall, the inflatable noisemaker adds value to the fan experience at the game, creating a more exciting and engaging atmosphere, while also serving as a memorabilia and advertising tool for the team or sponsor.

Here the Vipers tap into all of those with a noisemaker/poster combo that engages fans, creates atmosphere, adds value for their partner and includes keepsake  memorabilia. Great combination for the fans.  Also the low-cost of each make this an easy eye-catching addition to the value of the ticket.

Bam Bams/Thunderstix Noisemakers

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