Dance Teams Shift into New Era

Blazers blend two dance teams into one hot number.

We have talked a lot about dance teams in the last year as team have been shifting away from the more blatant sexualized presentation of female dance teams into a large number of co-ed teams.  For more on that discussion listen to the March 2019 Podcast with guest Amanda Greco and more in the November 2019 Party in the Back Podcast. We also discussed with the Milwaukee Bucks how they altered their dancer presentation and look in the January 2019 Podcast.

As teams find their footing in this new presentation the results are starting to really take shape.

Here is a top-shelf number featuring the hip-hop team in Portland (Rip City Crew) and the Blazer Dancers. The Blazers have found a great blend of the two teams that is more than the sum of their parts. Great choreography and costuming make this a really entertaining number.  It strengthens the case that you can turn down the focus on sexuality and still be hot as fire.

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