A Philly Love Story/Mascot Skit

Here is a mascot ‘skit’ that is atypical in nearly every way …but one every performer can learn from.

We think about skits as grand productions on the field, performed for the entire audience.

Sometimes the setting, medium and audience are quite different, like this “skit” in Philly.  A skit that is atypical in nearly every way.

Here the Phanatic didn’t even create the production, it was a dad chronicling the evening with his daughter.

Like a good skit it had a beginning, middle and end and took the audience on a fun journey with a big ending.

While a skit typically is performed for the live audience, and many saw this, the real audience was thousands on twitter.  Viewed by a stadium-sized crowd online.

This was a nice reminder for mascots: On any given night, you might not have a big moment on the field/court for a skit …but you can produce a moment with nothing more than your assistant capturing your crowd work on their phone.

Your value doesn’t start and end with staged productions, it is anything you do, capture and share.  The medium doesn’t matter. The content does.

Side note: It is interesting that the Phanatic doesn’t have his own Twitter account (a rarity for sports mascots). However was a fun epilogue from the @Phillies account, which describes itself as “Phillie Phanatic’s burner account.”

You can learn a lot from this big green guy, including a lot here on

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  • January 2020 Party in the Back Podcast – David talks about how mascot bits can become institutionalized for your character to provide continuity for fans and repeatable content. Shares some thoughts about Caroll Spinney and relates how one of his early leaders at the Phillies set the tone for understanding how powerful fun can be. Cudo and Raymond also look at how David Stern reshaped the NBA expansion era with an interjection of fun and entertainment.
  • January 2021 Party in the Back Podcast – Host Jon Cudo is joined by Tyler Scheuer star of Tyler’s Amazing Balancing Act, Emperor of Fun David Raymond and Game Presentation wiz Amanda Greco. It’s a balanced discussion about touring acts, whether mascots should wear masks, Joe Biden’s hair and playing Simon Sez via Zoom. In other words, it is a Party you won’t want to miss.
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