Party Time in Kane County (Throwback)

Wayne Worlds Night on a Thirsty Thursday….Schwing! (Throwback Edition)

Schwing! (Throwback Promo from 7/17)

Riding the 25th Anniversary of the Release of Wayne’s World, the Cougars are pairing their Wayne Worlds Night on a Thirsty Thursday.

What makes this party most excellent is that Kane County is actually the home of the fictional home of Wayne and Garth, Aurora Illinois. So if you ever found Bugs Bunny attractive when he put on a dress and played a girl bunny, this promotion is likely for you.

They have also paired the night with Air Guitar Championship Qualifiers.

Aurora’s 25 Years of Wayne’s World celebration continues on Thursday, May 11 when Two Brothers Roundhouse hosts an official US Air GuitarQualifier. Celebrate Wayne & Garth and rock out to some of the most spectacular performances you’ve ever seen.

But, don’t let the fun stop there. Join #YourCougars on Thursday, July 27 for Wayne’s World Night complete with $1 beers, sodas and hot dogs plus a post-game fireworks show!

Party on.

Excellent Scooby Doo ending to this Water Cooler.

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