Order in the Court!

Jumbo Shrimp Fans are tossing gavels in this funny contest sponsored by a law firm.

Simple, fun and relatable. Here is a sponsor contest that is remarkable (worthy of remark!)

The Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp have this fun Gavel Toss for a local law firm.

  • Simple (catch the gavel)
  • Fun (they are throwing gavels!)
  • Relatable (lawyers and judges)

We had a great discussion on the July 14th Huddle on the Mighty Game Ops Network. Our guest was Todd Bosma from the Blazers. Todd is both the host and the Game Director in Portland which gives him amazing insights on all aspects of on-court contests.

The discussion include great tip for every step of the process of creation to execution, as well as hope to best prepare your contestants to succeed.  We have a recap of the call here: Recap: Contest Insights from Todd Bosma

Game operations and entertainment in sports is growing, lively and diverse world. We are pulling together to talk about all aspects of event production and entertainment, and to get better along the way.  Join us to connect, grow and advance. Memberships include a weekly Huddle Zoom Call with industry leaders and network members. September guests are Heather Wojciechowski-DeCaire from the Milwaukee Admirals, Barry Anderson from Chicago Mascots and Kari Norvell from the Austin Gilgronis. Conversations will focus on virtual takeaways from the pandemic season of 2020, performer-first costuming to empower your performer and creating custom music in an era that is increasing difficult to navigate music rights and clearances.   Free One Month Trial is available now on Gameops.com PLUS.

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