Tossing Rings Around Omaha

Fun field contest from the Storm Chasers has great flexibility for themes and sponsors.

Simple contests, like musical chairs, are a staple for in-game fun.  You aren’t spending a lot of time with set-up, just get to the action and let your contestants provide the laughs.

Here is a fun option from the Omaha Storm Chasers, the Ring Toss.  Couple are tossing rings and trying to be the first with three catches.

Of course I initially thought this was a silly set-up for a proposal, but it was all just in fun. (but if it was, see our Engagement Ring Props too).

Fun and simple on-field game, with some great flexibility on the themes. This Ring toss is great for couples. Click on any of the photos for product links.

Easy to imagine a slew of sponsor-friendly options and theme night variations with this as well.  The local donut shop or the Fourth of July are ready to go with this ring toss.

High Five – Omaha Potholes (Storm Chasers)

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