Now Hiring: Iceholes and Helicopter Moms

St. Paul Saints are looking to refresh their roster of Ushertainers with some really fun new characters like a Scout, a Bouncer and the guy who’s still reliving his High School Prime.

Leave it to the Saints to innovate and refresh.

Here they are making an open casting call to add to their ensemble cast of “Ushertainment”.

The Ushertainers have been described as performers who mingle and raise the spirits of fans at Saints games. Last year there were upward of a dozen of these performers, who rotate games.  Some are well known to the fan base like the Nerdette and Gert the Flirt, other are seen less frequently.  Each bring a unique, often wacky, persona to the game and interact with fans on concourse.  They occasionally are involved in promotions or dancing on the dugouts, but their value often lies in just a fun memorable conversation with a fan in the stands. (from the Best of 2016 Review)

While some characters come from the talent who audition in role, the team has also created some stock characters to prime the pump.  The character statements are brilliant too.

Are you an Icehole?  Like the stock prickish jerk from Massachusetts (a “Masshole”) this is the Minnesota version called the Icehole. Dialed up for laughs.

Or perhaps you like to make sure the kids are dressed warm enough and eating right? Can you picture a Helicopter Mom roving the seats making sure everyone is comfortable and cared for?

The Ushertainers won Best Entertainment Act on in 2016…. we look forward to seeing the refreshed roster of fun in 2022.

Best of 2016

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