November 2013 Podcast

John Franzone from the Tampa Bay Lightning joins Jon Cudo for long-overdue Hockey special. John explains the focus behind the Lighting’s excellent game production as well as reviewing promotions from around the country.

John Franzone from the Tampa Bay Lightning joins Jon Cudo for a special look at hockey promotions.  We start with a inside look at how the Lightning use their game presentation to highlight the team’s effort in the community and how they try to keep their show entertaining and “elegant”.  It’s a really interesting insight into how this NHL team views their game operations.

Franzone and Cudo then discuss several promotional nights including  the Lighting’s Fan Appreciation efforts, Vinny Appreciation and Kid’s Appreciation Night,  Cowbells with the Colorado Eagles, the intense efforts of the Toledo Walleye, Post-Game Skates in Syracuse, Ugly Sweater Night, Darth Vader Jerseys, Singing for Santa in Gwinette and more.


Also, Jeff Tidball from Big League Interactive joins Cudo for a quick hit of Phone Tag.  The show concludes with a call to action for Best of Award Nominations and a teaser for next month’s third annual Best of Audio Roundtable Review.

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Show Notes
This month’s edition of the Podcast with Jon Cudo, John Franzone and Jeff Tidball.  Pat Walker will return to the podcast soon.

John Franzone shares insight to the Lighting Game Operations Philosophy and they discuss promotions from around the world of hockey.  Jeff Tidball introduces listeners to Big League Interactive.

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