New Rules in Richmond

Richmond is wisely sharing the game entertainment changes with fans.

The pandemic erased the 2020 season and is having lasting effects into 2021.  The Flying Squirrels are facing the challenge head on and sharing the new rules and protocols with fans. This is a smart approach that will keep fans in the loop as far as how things will look moving forward and how the team is protecting fans, players and staff during the 2021 season.

Here are the rules the team shared for the changes to on-field promotions and how game entertainment.

Between-half-innings entertainment usually held on the field will not be front and center, at least to start the season. The only folks allowed on the field will be players, coaches, umpires and groundskeepers.

The Diamond’s videoboard will show contests, other forms of tomfoolery involving fans, and additional amusement. Some of that will take place on The Diamond’s concourse. (source)

Richmond Flying Squirrels vs. Akron Aeros

How are you informing fans of the changes and how you arrived at any alterations?


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