Polish Heritage Night

Syracuse Mets and Toledo Mud Hens tap into the Polish population for a Heritage Night.

Syracuse Mets held a big Polish Heritage Night on July 31st. My first move was to check to make sure there was a home game at NBT Bank Stadium that night.

As a Polish man I am allowed to make this joke.

As local populations vary these Heritage Nights are a great way to tap into niche groups and present a different atmosphere and food at games….and you never know what local celebrities might be involved…see below.

As I poked around about Polish Night, I found this great note from the Toledo Blade about the Mud Hens Polish Night:

Toledo Mayor Kapszukiewicz and Muddy have ties that go back. When the mayor was 18, he too took on the responsibility of being mascot for the Mud Hens.

“In 1991, I was interning with the Mud Hens. The original mascot had some type of family emergency, so I volunteered to take his place,” Mr. Kapszukiewicz said.

The mayor said the costume that he wore during his time was far less flattering than the one now.

“When I come to games with my kids, I always make it a point to say, ‘look how easy the Mud Hen has it now. Not only does he have a nice suit, but he has a girlfriend. There was no Muddonna back in my day,’” the mayor said. (Blade)

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