Washington’s Organic Meme Generator

Washington Football engages fans and lets them create the FUN with this instant meme post.

Engaging fans includes giving them the chance to create and be a part of the action.  Check this amazing example from the Washington Football Team.

The team opened its third phase of organized team activities (OTAs) on Tuesday with players in town for meetings and workouts. The social media team honored the milestone by having the players share the standard preschool introduction: year, teacher, height and friendships. (yahoo)

The team shared images via social media of players holding a blank chalkboard, giving fans a perfectly clean blank canvas to create.

Of course the cynical worrying brand manager is ready to reject this idea since you lose control over the message.  But the forward thinking content curator knows the message is FUN and INTERACTIVE, so this checks both boxes.

Of course you know there are going to be knuckleheads with questionable posts using the image, but anyone with MS Paint can probably do that anyway.  And when millions of views are popping up with the same image, fans are likely to know this is meme not a PSA.

How you are you setting up your fans to be a part of the action and fun today?


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