MeLVin Jerseys Create a Spark

MeLVin jersey night sparks interest from fans and could spark your next giveaway idea.

Great giveaway built around Lehigh Valley’s mascot MeLVin, for the first 2000 kids.

Building a giveaway around your mascot is smart business, especially for a minor league team. Many of the best and most popular players get called up, so its a roll of the dice to see if the player you build a giveaway around is on your team later in the season, let alone a year from now.

But you control your mascot, the likeness and they are worth investing in.  It also elevates your character in the eyes of fans and kids.

Check the link below to see hundreds of giveaways from teams across all sports and levels.  Spark your next great giveaway from these successful promotions like this one.


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