Media Day Simmers in Detroit

Soup’s on in Detroit as the Red Wings build player personalities.

At the Water Cooler we have been looking at teams using Media Day to build endgame content.

in Detroit the Red Wings were asking players their favorite soup for this video short, showing almost any question and yield some fun results.

While the edits are key, finding questions that players can answer quickly with our reservation help make these quick-paced video shorts fun and playful. As you build the rapport with players you can see what questions illicit the funniest responses.  Many teams have turned these Quick Q and A’s into a reoccurring social media attraction and there is no reason not to use the videos in-game as well.


Editors note: My favorite food is soup. 😅

Thursday we look to Philly for some tricky shooting.

Media Day Week-in-Review Highlights

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