Media Day Puts Devil in a Pickle

You’ll never listen to a Press Conference the same again thanks to the NJ Devils.

This is a two-part plan by the crew in New Jersey, first to plant the seed and then to harvest the joke.  And it plays out perfectly for this video.

First they give player Damon Severson a few words to insert into his next presser.

Then they let the magic happen.

And in clever turn, they brand this nonsense with the hashtag #SecretWord to ask fans to provide more ideas (and further engage with the team’s social platform).

#secretword #sportstiktok #njdevils

Perhaps the most fun is just claiming obscure words and phrases from any press conference interview and pinning them as #SecretWords.

This concept appears to be shot for social media and Devils’ TikTok, but everything they need for entertaining in-game content is all there.


Which word should a player do next? 🤔😉

♬ original sound – New Jersey Devils

Media Day Week-in-Review Highlights

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