Media Day Artistic Ducks

Ducks draw their own logo while Anaheim builds a fun in-game video.

All week we are looking at Media Day across sports to see how teams are creating player-personality content to connect and engage fans.

The Ducks of Anaheim got crafty and asked players to draw the logo.  Results varied, but players all had their chance to showcase their personality and skills (or lack there of).

The results are a fun showcase of the players that can be used all season long on the video board, and of course on social media.

Keys to success are a playful presentation, short punchy edit and a focus on sharing a behind the scenes view of their favorite stars in different settings.  The added value of players having hidden skills is always a fun reveal, as is uncovering how these talented players may have some limitations off the ice.

Media Week Continues tomorrow as we see what’s cooking in Detroit.

Media Day Week-in-Review Highlights

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