A Little Scale is a Big Plus

We look at the value of SCALE following the advice of a mascot legend. See the value of thinking BIG on your next prop starring TC Bear and Rascal.

Scale is an important piece of any production.  A prop that’s too small can make a on-field skit or content confusing or unimpactful.

Of course that’s a tall order when you start thinking how big a prop needs to be on a football field or ice rink….but scale you must.

When building a skit Mascot Legend Kenn Solomon like to start with an ELEPHANT.  What he means is that he mentally starts with as big of a prop as he can imagine.  An elephant-sized version of whatever he needs.  He know the ELEPHANT-size will be funny.  Big Props mean Big Laughs.  Of course from there time, budgets and logistics will take him from that lofty goal….but his starting point is big.

This week I saw two posts of some great mascot content that really illuminated the point.  Both were excellent video skits on social media.  But one had a SCALE advantage.  Take a look.

Here Harrisburg Senators mascot Rascal celebrates National Do Something Nice Day by going around the city handing out chocolate bars.

Rascal was able to overcome the scale a bit, by having the camera pull in to the prop so fans could see it and read that he was doing something nice.

Here is second skit where TC started with an ELEPHANT.

Both great, one just got an added boost from the SCALE.

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