Rockhounds Captain a Marvelous Promotion

Marvel and MILB team up to save the universe (and create a great promotional night).

The Rockhounds have added fireworks and jersey auction for their Marvel Super Hero Night.

The Marvel Nights are part of a 3 year agreement with MILB and Marvel.

Marvel and Minor League Baseball. It is not an uncommon sight. Many Minor League Clubs organize special themed nights/days on which the teams wear specialized jerseys with a Marvel theme like Captain America. But this will be more intense as Minor League Baseball and Marvel have signed a three year deal.

Last week, the two entities announced a a promotional three-year partnership on Wednesday at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry, home of the “Marvel: Universe of Super Heroes” exhibit.The cooperation will be launched in 2022 and ninety-six teams across various levels will participate, hosting at least one super hero theme night involving popular Marvel characters, complete with specialized jerseys, along with other Marvel-themed activities and promotions taking place throughout the game. When it comes to that, there is nothing new

But there is more to it. The event series is officially called “Marvel’s Defenders of the Diamond” and will also come with its own run of comic books, which will be distributed at participating ballparks. And then there’s this plot twist from the press release: “Co-branded merchandise and other surprises will be unveiled in 2022.”

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