March 2024 Party in the Back Podcast

Long-time Mascot Performer, Speaker, Entrepreneur and now notable Author Rob Wicall joins the Podcast to talk about his new book Furlosphy. The book looks at how his time in costume has shaped his current success in life and business.

In the electrifying world of sports, where the spotlight often shines on star athletes and high-octane performances, Rob Wicall, an award-winning NBA mascot, carved a niche for himself that transcended the boundaries of the basketball court. “Furlosophy: Beyond the Mascot” delves deep into Rob’s journey, offering readers a unique perspective on the art of genuine human connection and the power of making memorable moments that last a lifetime. 

Our guest is longtime friend of the Podcast Rob Wicall, who now will be referred to as “Author Rob Wicall”.  Rob has published his first book “Furlosophy” which chronicles his journey as a mascot and how those furry experiences help shape the rest of his life.  

Rob shares some anecdotes from the book, including the importance of teamwork.  He shares a fun story about “his success” with a classic Coyote Standard and how the “impromptu” bit relied on preparation and teamwork, plus the importance of staying humble amid those successes. 

Always a fun conversation with Rob, plus notes on new content in the Water Cooler and on the site for March.

Thanks for listening and sharing the podcast.  See the link before for links to the Book on Amazon.

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