Magic of JP Wilson

JP Wilson presents a fully custom show with new and original illusions, breathtaking costuming and Vegas-style magic.

The Magic of JP Wilson features awe-inspiring illusions where dancers appear, disappear and can get sliced into 8 pieces!  This is a show you can’t turn your eyes away from for any time at all or you may even miss a surprise appearance by a local team dancer or mascot.

The Magic of JP Wilson was a high energy show that kept fans in their seats and left people scratching their heads in amazement!”
– Chris Garcia, San Antonio Spurs Where did your show come from?   How did you adjust it for sports and halftime touring?

JP Wilson:  I started out as a Magician when I was 6 years old.  My act continued to grow over the years, it wasn’t until the New Orleans Hornets re-located to Oklahoma City that the idea of performing at halftime of a basketball game was born. Thanks to the help of the Hornets event staff, led by Josh Richardson, that idea became a reality.  Along the way of developing my halftime show many Magicians warned against it and would also not help me, they called it “suicide” to perform not only completely surrounded, but also with people looking down at you from the bleachers.  Those 2 elements remove many of the ways that Magicians are able to accomplish the impossible.   With the help of some very creative people and expert builders we were able to create an act to fit in this environment and create an action-packed show.


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Fun halftime show in Houston tonight for Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals!

A post shared by JP Wilson (@thejpwilson) on  What’s your signature moment in the show?  What kind of reaction does your show get?

JP Wilson:  My show features several signature ‘magical’ moments. The ones with the best reaction is always when my assistant will appear sitting in an empty office chair.  Large ovations always occur when the team flag is magically produced during the show as well as a local team dancer being surprisingly revealed at the end of the act.  I can also magically produce any team VIP, MC or player at center court as well.  How do you customize your show each night, or is the routine a refined and perfected show?

JP Wilson:  We have a very refined and perfected act.  I can custom tailor any aspect of our show and incorporate other illusions to help accommodate different timing requests or content requests.  We do have several different magic acts that we can perform to help change up the show from year to year.  What makes your show special for teams?

JP Wilson:  Our show features larger illusions and also can incorporate a team dancer/cheerleader and even the team mascot can be a part of the magic!
Producing the team flag during the show always receives a large ovation from the crowd.  Do you have any unique experiences performing outside of sports, like performing on a TV contest or in-front of a unique crowd or venue?

JP Wilson:  One of my greatest memories is performing magic in Nairobi, Kenya.  I was invited to travel with Larry Jones, founder of Feed The Children, and some NBA/NFL Players and families to Nairobi to visit many of the local school houses in the slums of Nairobi and also to the Feed The Children Abandon Babies Center.  While there I got the opportunity to perform magic in front of each classroom of children, at first the kids would be terrified when the magic happened, believing it to be witchcraft or sorcery.  Very quickly though the kids saw it was fun and lined up to have the magic happen right in front of them individually!  Such a great experience to show these kids magic for the very first time. Where can teams reach you?

JP Wilson:  Check out my webpage for links and numbers.

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