Look-a-Like Cam in STL

The Blues and Komets flex some great execution on Celebrity Look-a-Like cams.

Another great execution of a Cam that had the arena buzzing from the St. Louis Blues.

Look-a-Like Cams are a team effort with all hands on deck looking for ideas and location of fans.  I had the chance to sit on on a game production with the Fort Wayne Komets.  They had a catalog of hundreds of celebrity headshots. Staff would then radio in ideas for look-a-likes during the game with locations and they would have a slew of options by the third period.  Like anything, you get out what you put in….and they would routinely have a big moment each night with a spot-on doppelgänger.

…. and reason number 3,401 why I look forward to not having to wear a mask again (since a good look-a-like is tricky behind a mask).

And of course the Water Cooler our test for a promotion’s worthiness.  Does it create conversation? As Bill Veeck said, it isn’t enough for a promotion to be funny….it needs to spark conversation.


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