Twice as Thankful As Most Teams

The Condors don’t have a Fan Appreciation NIGHT, they have Fan Appreciation WEEKEND. See how they make the two nights unique and interesting.

Fan Appreciation Night are a staple for team, often full of prizes and surprises.  The Bakersfield Condors Fan Appreciation celebration popped my interest in two ways this year.

First, I am non-traditional in the date of Fan Appreciation Nights.  Most teams just use a Sharpie Marker and circle the last game on the calendar. For a myriad of reasons I believe that might not be the best date.  For example a Tuesday Night game wouldn’t be my first choice, if I also had a late season game on a Saturday.  The Condors agreed (in-part) with my rigid date selection and picked TWO dates for Fan Appreciation.  This Weekend of Fun and Appreciation is such a simple addition and allows you the chance to thank fans twice…and who doesn’t want to do that.  In addition both nights had their own way of showing appreciation.

  • January 2015 Podcast – Cudo and Walker look at the best promotions and highlights from the last month and offer and entertaining debate on movie clips and the placement of fan appreciation night.

Which brings us to the second fun twist from Bakersfield.  Their Friday Night Appreciation included the King of Cheer who is a long-time fan favorite in Bakersfield.  Cameron Hughes is the kind of treat that everyone gets to enjoy, which is the whole point of a Fan Appreciation Night…thanking everyone.  While I think you can’t replace a night full of prizes and giveaways, this infusion of energy and entertainment is the perfect addition to the double dip fan appreciation weekend.  (and $2 beers is always a win too).


  • May 2020 Party in the Back Podcast – Condors President Matthew Riley and Pat Walker join the Party in the back to talk about promotional nights and social media during the lockdown.
  • Layered Promotions in Bakersfield – Condors plan busy weekend of promotions and fun. (another packaged weekend from the Condors)
  • Cameron Hughes – Cameron Hughes wants you to JUST GET UP and live every experience to the fullest.
  • King of Cheer by Cameron Hughes – Canadian National Treasure and frequent guest on our podcast Cameron Hughes writes about his life journey and inspires everyone to get up and take a chance on themselves in his new book KING of CHEER.

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