Railers add Thunderstix Giveaway to a Noisy Matinee

The Railers add noisemaker giveaway to Mascot Party Matinee Game to maximize the noise.

Inflatable Noisemakers (aka Thunderstix/Bam Bams) are bound to make this matinee game loud in Worcester. Love the bundling of a Kid’s Giveaway and the afternoon start and the mascot birthday party…sure to be a fun game.

Inflatable Noisemakers are an easy to distribute item, very kid friendly and very sponsor-friendly with a full imprint area. Very inexpensive item for all the noise and excitement they bring.

Get all the scoop on this popular noise-making staple on our Thunderstix/Bam Bam page, including the difference in the two kinds and some example of how teams are deploying them. Check it out here: Bam Bams/Thunderstix Noisemakers

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