Shrimp take Jumbo Step Back

Jumbo Shrimp have made the first step back to successful large-scale events: Making fans feel safe in their stadium.

Driving revenue was critical last summer for baseball teams like the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp. The Shrimp churned out an amazing 45 events to replace the lost baseball schedule.

An ancillary benefit of these events is increasing the teams’ ability to produce safe events and to upgrade their their processes like touch-less entry and concessions.

Perhaps the best offshoot from these efforts is fans feel comfortable and safe when they attend. As we ease back into large events fan feeling safe becomes the last piece of the puzzle. The Shrimp look like their diligence and work this summer is paying off.  A new survey found 99% feel “very safe” when attending.

Look for a new High Five Game Review in January. We were able to attend a hockey game in December and our review will highlight the January Update. In it we note the uneasy feeling as you first enter a crowed arena after 9 months of relative isolation.  Calming those initial fears is paramount to success.


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