July 2023 Party in the Back Podcast

Rob Wicall joins Host Jon Cudo to discuss the audition process, with insights for building a successful process for teams and tips for those auditioning. Plus the value of the Secret Handshake promotion and more.

The July 2023 Party in the Back Podcast features Rob Wicall and host Jon Cudo.  A recent #TBT Throw Back Thursday Water Cooler post on the audition for the original Timberwolves Mascot starts a conversation about best practices for auditioning mascots, entertains and dancers. Jon and Rob reflect on important ways to find and identify performers in the audition process and tips on how performers can stand out in during the process.  Plus a story about how just showing up on time can land you a dream job.

Then Rob and Jon look at a string of production elements by the WWE, the Syracuse Mets, and ABQ Isotopes where the teams create in ways unique to their brand. We look at the value of a “secret handshake” with fans and how teams succeed when they find ways to make these “only-in-our-world” elements.

Finally, a look at how the Adirondack Thunder Shared their Success with a social media post that will get fans excited about their next theme night.

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