July 2020 Party in the Back Podcast

Glenn Street joins the Party to discuss his journey from mascot to costumer, a new product designed to sanitize costumes and an important mascot tip for performers to keep at top of mind.The MiLB scribe Benjamin Hill looks at the season we are missing in Minor League Baseball. Ben notes some top promotions he’s missing and picks the Water Cooler Moment of the Month.

Top Dog from Street Characters Glenn Street joins the Party to discuss his journey from mascot to costumer. Glen shares the importance of having all three critical parts of a mascot program in place in order to succeed. Then he cleans up with a new product designed to sanitize costumes and keep viruses from spreading from your costume.  Glenn also drops an important mascot tip for performers to keep at top of mind while in costume.

Next we party with MiLB scribe Benjamin Hill to look at the season we are missing in Minor League Baseball. Ben notes some top promotions he’s missing. Then Ben helps Cudo pick the Water Cooler Moment of the Month between three top June Promotions, which leads to Ben’s amazing story from Jackson, Mississippi.

  • Last Month on the Podcast: On the One Year Anniversary of changing to the Party in the Back Podcast we invite the inspiration for the name change back to the show. Assistant AD at Penn State University Chris Grosse returns to talk about sports during and after the pandemic. He shares the success behind Penn States epic Virtual Tailgate promotion and he details why it’s important to help young sports marketing professionals in this difficult time. Lots of great insights from Chris. Then we party with Anne Wright who spent years traveling the country helping NBA teams refine their game presentations. Anne helps us decide on the best Water Cooler moments from May. It’s a difficult process deciding between a two dogs, a skunk ape and a dance team but Anne makes the difficult decision after we discuss four great promotions. Plus the backstory on jokes slipped in on last month’s podcast.
  • One Year Ago on the first episode of the Party in the Back Podcast: July’s Party features a two creative guests: Author David Stogdill and Artist Ava Buric.  David joins the podcast to discuss how he can help teams author and create a mascot book to enhance your school reading shows, community relations program or just make your furball look like a star. David is the author of 4 of these books currently and the author of his journey in the world of mascoting (Belayed Gratification).  The Ava Buric has made a name for herself as the leading illustrator of mascot characters.  Her character drawings are even popping up on giveaway items for pro sports teams.  We catch up with Ava and her life as an artist that is intertwined with the mascot world.
  • Chris Grosse’s Excellent Twitter Feed
  • Isotopes Give The Mound to Top Grads
  • Pistol Pete Publicizes Paternal Promotion
  • Bears Shooting T-Shirts in Hershey
  • Knocking it out of the park on Father’s Day – Read Ben Hill’s tremendous story of a team who made dreams come true on Father’s Day.
  • Ben’s Biz
  • Ben Hill on Twitter
  • Street Characters Website
  • Costume Closet
  • Street Characters – Facebook Page
  • Permission to Fail
  • Mascot U

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The Party in the Back Podcast:  If Sports Marketing was a mullet hairdo this podcast covers ‘The Party in the Back‘. We’ll let someone else do the data, analytics, spreadsheets and budgets… We’re talking about the FUN: In-game contests, theme nights, mascots, dancers, social media, atmosphere and giveaways. Join us at the Party in the Back for our monthly discussion with industry leaders on the fun side of Sports Marketing.

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