Jerks Headed to Durham

Bunch of Jerks invade Durham.

Three things we love here at

  1. Crossover sport promotions.
  2. The Carolina Hurricanes and their post-game celly.
  3. Teams who turn someone else calling them a Bunch of Jerks into their own brand!

This promo has all of that. There will certainly be great buzz for this one.

“Bunch of Jerks Night” is an ode to the Hurricanes’ 2019 rallying cry, as their Storm Surge postgame celebrations caught the ire of a hockey commentator, leading to him referring to the team as a “Bunch of Jerks.”

The Bulls will host a blend of baseball and hockey promotions throughout the evening referencing that Bunch of Jerks, with Wool E. Bull and Hurricanes mascot Stormy leading the way. Carolina’s Pepsi Storm Squad will be on hand and other Hurricanes-themed promotional items and materials will be tossed out.

Limited number of hats and replica jerseys will be sold, in addition to the jersey auction. Hats and replica jerseys can be pre-ordered now.


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