January 2022 Party in the Back Podcast

Crowd Igniter Cameron Hughes considers if he can FEEL a promotion and Paintjam’s Dan Dunn talks about the origins of his show….and make-up sex.

This month on Party in the Back we party with Cameron Hughes and Paintjam’s Dan Dunn.

Cameron and Host Jon Cudo talk about four recent promotions from the Rapid City Rush, Greenville Swamp Rabbits, Saint Louis Blues and Dallas Stars.  We explore a question Cameron asks about promotions, “Can you feel it?” In other words, how can you elevate your promotion to evoke an emotional response from fans?

Great insights from Cameron discussing the value created when emotion is attached to a performance, game element or theme.

They also talk about the value of promotions that speak directly to your town. We look at market-specific promotions like the Rush’s Dances With Wolves, Deer Widow Night in Muskegon and even the Best of 2021 award-winning promotion Wonder’s Night from the Erie SeaWolves.

Then the party continues with Dan Dunn who shares the origins of the Paintjam! Show, what’s next for this multi-generational show and make-up sex (yes, really!).  It’s a rollicking 20 minutes with the entertaining artist that you won’t want to miss.

Thank you for listening and sharing the podcast.

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  • Blues Find a Replacement for their Popular Anthem Singer – Blues have met the challenge of replacing their popular anthem singer with a great solution. And the fans love it.
  • Dallas Fights for Fans – Stars Fight Cancer and extend the promotion outside the arena with a simple social post.
  • Fist Bumping Experience – Swamp Rabbits create unique experiences for fans to help drive group sales.
  • Deer Widows Night – Mourning widows targeted for hockey promotion.
  • That Thing They Did in Erie – Erie ensures their promotion isn’t a one hit wonder with a big roll-out and a big photo gallery to share their success with fans.

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