Boolean Promotions in Wheeling

Nailers feed their fans with multiple game-related promotions, plus story time from the 1990’s NBA.

Nailer fans are a well-fed bunch.

The team has several “If / Then” promotions paying off in free food for fans. These notable promos have been paying off in recent weeks for the faithful.

Conditional Statements. A conditional statement (also called an IfThen Statement) is a statement with a hypothesis followed by a conclusion. Another way to define a conditional statement is to say, “If this happens, then that will happen.” The hypothesis is the first, or “if,” part of a conditional statement.

These are fun promotions to track and trigger in-game, since they are typically game dependent. IF your team scores 4 goals, THEN everyone gets a free taco.  Sponsors love being connected to the game, fans love the payoff and your game production is more spontaneous.  You can also count into the prizes, for example if your team scores 100 points you can count them in from 90 to keep the fans vested. This trigger is also a big win for sponsors while fans are all cheering for their brand and payouts on the way.

Funny Anecdote Alert 🚨 : In 1991 the Minnesota Timberwolves were fresh off two seasons under Bill Musselman. Coach Musselman prefer to slow the game down , because on most nights his expansion squad had a little less talent than the opponent. Slowing things down meant the game was usually closer at the end, giving the Wolves a fighting chance. The result was a slightly ugly brand of basketball with scores in the 80s on many nights.

In the third season Musselman was replaced by Jimmy Rodgers who promised a more fast-paced exciting style. To tap into that high-octane excitement the team created an IF/THEN promotion with a hamburger chain to offer a free hamburger when the Wolves Scored 120 points. (something they did just 5 times in the previous 164 games.)

Despite the best efforts of the coaches, teams and fans….the Wolves trigger was reached that year exactly once, as the team repeatedly ran into NBA buzzsaws on a nightly basis. The accomplishment took place the final home game of the year, fittingly fan appreciation night.

The moral of the story… IF you choose to tap into the game action and scoring for your promotion THEN make sure you choose an attainable goal. (and don’t always believe the hype of a new coaching staff, ha)


  • The “Golden Goal” is a promotion for all fans for every game where during a 2 minute period at any point in the game, if the Nailers score during that time, everybody at the game gets a free Bloomin’ Onion from Outback. Fans use your ticket to redeem within a week after game.
  • Frosty Friday is $1 Can Beer through the 2nd.

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