Holy Sh*t. Toronto Goes All In.

Tell your whole story.  Omit nothing.  You have the feel the pain to appreciate the pleasure. See how it’s done with this Raptor open.

I have long advocated to tell your whole story.  Omit nothing.  The lows only make the highs seem greater, so don’t take them out because they might be painful.  I like to say “Snow White isn’t a very interesting story if it starts with the kiss”…you have the feel the pain to appreciate the pleasure.

But there can be sensitive parties, conflicting interests and the fear of ripping off the scab….so teams don’t often go all in with their story.

But the Toronto Raptors just set the bar for letting it all hang out.  MSNBC’s Chris Mathews calls it “hanging a lantern on your problems”, owning them to take them away from someone else using it against you.  The Raptors also use the moment to tell fans how they should be reacting, not scared of what might go wrong rather relishing in the glory of the moment.

This is just spectacular. Next time you aren’t sure if you should push to tell your story, watch this.  This is doing it all out. This is doing it right.

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