Still Funny After All These Years – Harvey Edition

We look back at a classic mascot moment featuring Craig MacTavish and Harvey the Hound.

This week was the 21st Anniversary of a classic mascot moment in the NHL.

This from ESPN on January 20, 2003:

CALGARY, Alberta — Edmonton Oilers coach Craig MacTavish ripped out the tongue of Calgary Flames mascot Harvey the Hound after the 6-foot-6 dog repeatedly taunted him at the bench.

With the Flames leading 4-0 early in the third period, Harvey — a 200-pound white dog with a foot-long red tongue — began mocking MacTavish during a timeout.

When play resumed, Harvey moved behind the bench and continued to razz the Oilers. At another stoppage, Harvey leaned over the glass behind the bench which prompted MacTavish to grab the tongue, rip it out and throw it into the crowd.

The performer went on to become of the top costumers in the mascot world, who likely triple stitches tongues into the costume helmets for added security.

See Street Costumes for more on Glenn Street.

The Top Dog – Glenn Street
Glenn is a true pioneer in the Mascot Industry, both as a performing mascot himself and then as a maker of quality mascot costumes. Over 30 years ago Glenn performed as the first-ever Mascot in the NHL (National Hockey League). He performed the duties and hilarious antics of “Harvey the Hound” for the Calgary Flames. The popularity of his performances prompted many other NHL teams to contact Glenn and ask him to create mascot characters for them as well. Thirty years later, Street Characters is still the world leader in creating the Absolute Best quality mascots, and has been chosen by over one thousand different organizations, teams, and schools.

Here is the full footage from YouTube.

Between the Fur: Glenn Street

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