Gnash Sends Referee a Note

Gnash goes soft for a referee, which will have a lasting effect.

Referee Kevin Pollock is out for the remainder of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

The veteran official was injured during Saturday’s game between the Boston Bruins and Carolina Hurricanes.

Pollock was hit in the face by a shot from Hurricanes defenseman Jaccob Slavin, on the same play that saw Carolina’s Andrei Svechnikov go down with a leg injury. (ScoutingTheRefs)

Great tweet by Gnash in Nashville.  Despite the traditional adversarial relationship between mascots and referees, building a positive report with the officials can be an important relationship.

Whether it is getting off the ice late or playing along with a mascot skit, referees can be very helpful in a smooth and incident-free game night.  When you build a relationship of trust with them you are sure to get the benefit of the doubt in your interactions and perhaps a memorable playful interaction.

A one time cheap laugh at the expense of a referee can damage your relationship and make things much more difficult in the long term.  Asking them if they are open to be included in a skit or moment helps and a confirmation in the moment that they are good to proceed is wise step.

And a sincere tweet like this will be remembered.


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