Futballer Supports Spectrum Fan

Fulham soccer star supports a young fan with a visual sign of solidarity.

For people on the Autism Spectrum headphones can provide a sense of calm and focus for people who are feeling overwhelmed.  Recently Fulham FC soccer star Tim Ream was seen accompanying one of his young fans onto the pitch, both wearing noise cancelling headphones.

The young fan was worried that people might tease her for wearing the headphones, but Ream answered with this act of support and solidarity.

While a fellow tweeter said: “A small act that would have gone unnoticed to most, but will have meant the world to that mascot. Top man.”

Top Man indeed.

This could also be added to a powerful visual for other teams hosting Autism Awareness Nights….using players to showcase supportive behaviors and for those who wear headphone.

We have a great discussion of these nights on this edition of the Party in the Back podcast.

March 2022 Party in the Back Podcast


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