Free Chicken Courtesy of The Freak

This is a powerful example of great game presentation.

Love this activation from the Sixers, squeezing every once of noise out of the fans for this Free Throw attempt by Giannas.

We covered previously here as a Best of 2015 Award Winner, this promotion is the simple connection between free food and fans attempting to distract a shooter.

  • Chick-fil-a Fowl Shot – The Chick-fil-a Fowl Shot is an in-game promotion where the Wizards ask their fans to make noise when the opponents are shooting free throws in the 4th quarter. If the opponent misses 2 free throws, then everyone wins a chicken sandwich.

And for anyone in your sponsorship department they are LOVING the national broadcast explaining it and giving the free plug worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

  • Simple, clear instructions.
  • Fans win for being more involved and creating a home court advantage.

This is a powerful example of great game presentation.

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