Fightin’ Phils’ Family Fun

Sundays feel bigger and better in Reading….because they are.

I have long admired the work the Reading Fightin Phils invest in their variety show of characters including The Mascot Band, Screwball (the mascot) and the iconic Crazy Hot Dog Vendor.

In addition to mascot antics like most teams provide, the Phils have a pre-game concert with mascots, plus the memorable t-shirt toss led by the unforgettable ostrich-riding glizzy vendor.

The payoff from the investment can be seen every night as the chance a young fan interacts with a mascot is (by my math) about six times greater than most ballparks.

But another payoff is the simple packaging of all these elements into Family Fun Day. The same crew leads the Sunday efforts tailored for kids with photos, autographs and Run-The-Bases….which when you re-examine it is great value for fans with roughly the same internal costs.

Sundays feel bigger and special thanks to their full line-up of mascot talent.


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