Fans Star at Sugar Skulls

IFL Team is driving cost-effective atmosphere by asking fans to dress up for prizes.

The Tucson Sugar Skulls are making their fans the stars of their promotional nights with themed dress-up calls to action. This Indoor Football League (IFL) team has been asking fans to dress as their favorite Sci-Fi character and now in their most iconic decade outfits.

Prizes are given to fans for participating, including hotel prize packs. Asking fans to star in the promotion is a simple and cost-effective way to build fan engagement and atmosphere. Plus is our value-added membership site. It is a network to enhance the fan value of events.  Twice a month we gather for an hour long discussion on an industry topic with a special guest to share their insights. Leaders like Claire Czerniuk, Zoltan Berensci, John Franzone, Tyler Ferraro, Maurice Brazelton, Jackie Maldonado, Todd Bosma, and Anton Wright have discussed topics from developing talent to building a home-field advantage. Upcoming calls include Zach Frongillo from the Savannah Bananas (7/27) and Colleen Flynn from Mascot-Link (7/13).  Free One Month Trial is available now on PLUS.

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