Virtual Falconing

LAFC finds a way to keep its popular pre-game moment alive without fans in the stands.

LAFC doesn’t have fans in the stands, but that isn’t stopping the MLS team from producing their popular in-game elements.

For example their Honorary Falconer programs is alive and well in virtual form. Social media posts highlight an honorary falconer each game. The falcons are an every game tradition by the team and are typically highlighted by a notable LA citizen or fan acting as the falconer during the pre-game release.

One of the team’s four falcons is released before the start of each game for a pregame flight at the center of the field, hunting a lure of the opponent’s crest.

Each falcon is named for a famous Los Angeles street, inspired by the team’s promise to, “Unite the world’s city through the world’s game: street by street, block by block, one by one.”

    • Olly, named for Olvera Street, is a female red-naped shaheen and has a 46-inch wingspan.
    • Sunny, named for Sunset Boulevard, is a female Barbary falcon, a breed known as one of the quickest falcons in the air and for relentless pursuits.
    • Fig, named for Figueroa Street, is a male Saker falcon, with a grandparent from the Mongolian mountains.
    • Mel, named for Melrose Avenue, is Fig’s brother and also a male Saker falcon.

The falcons visit schools and organizations to teach youth about falcons and their importance to the environment. (nbcLA)

Do what you do…but do it from home.


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