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Organize a comment-based Facebook Giveaway to increase engagement, work on brand awareness, and also grow your audience. has introduced a series of Social Media Promotions (ePromos). We have insights on execution as well as resources and tools to create these social media promotions.

This is a Facebook Giveaway Program. At first glance a contest like this seems easy to run and operate, but to keep it scalable (if you have hundreds or thousands of respondents) and authentic and fair  you are going to be well served to have help.

Use our easy Facebook giveaway app to run sweepstakes on your Facebook Page. Reward users for engaging with your posts and start real conversations in the comments.

Pick a winner on Facebook automatically, and include multiple posts in your giveaway. Get a Certificate of Validity to show your followers that the contest was fair.

There are countless ways to engage your audience through this comment-based giveaway. We even have templates to help you build, create and jump-start your promotion.  Here is a Father’s Day template to showcase the build.

You could run this giveaway for users who comment on a post on your Facebook Page. Ask users to answer an open question, e.g. “What’s your favorite childhood memory about your dad?”  It is as easy as updating the template to describe the prize, and edit the participation dates. Then publish the post and images on your Timeline.

According to our own research, a Facebook giveaway can result in…

  • 716% more likes
  • 1774% more comments
  • 1582% more shares

There is another problem on Facebook that we can help solve directly with a Facebook Giveaway.

You don’t own your leads on Facebook. Your Page, and all its engagement and followers, depend on the social network. So how do you turn followers into website visitors, email subscribers… and eventually, customers?

That’s where a giveaway with registration comes in. After building up an active, engaged community on Facebook, your page can act to convert them with a simple prize draw that collects information you can utilize directly.

You can share a promotion exclusively on Facebook as a reward for loyal Page followers, then ask your page followers to share their email contact details. Each leads can then be nurtured and convert – without relying exclusively on social media. This separate Entry Form Giveaway will be featured on in the coming weeks.

As noted, you could do a similar promotion on a smaller scale, but our  promotion allows you to tap into some powerful benefits.

  1. Run giveaways on your Facebook Page
    Get more reach and engagement with a Facebook comments contest. Invite followers to comment on one or more of your posts – then pick a winner on Facebook automatically.
  2. Pick winners instantly
    Pick a winner on Facebook in just 5 clicks. Choose as many winners as you want, and pick alternates in case you can’t contact a winner. Run a test to make sure that the app is working perfectly.
  3. Filter, exclude or blacklist
    Manage participants with our filtering and anti-fraud tools. Filter comments by hashtag, exclude previous winners or rogue participants, and blacklist bad actors from future giveaways.
  4. Manage winners and prizes
    Use our suite of tools to announce the winners, verify their identity and get contact details to deliver the prize. Disqualify winners if necessary, and replace them instantly with alternates.
  5. Certificate of validity
    Share a public, permanent certificate which proves that your Facebook giveaway was fair. It certifies the time, date, and winners of the contest.
  6. Export a list of users
    Download a list of usernames and comments as an Excel file. Add the information to your CRM or use comments as user-generated content and social proof.
  • Get set up in minutes
  • Pick a winner and alternates with a random prize draw
  • Blacklist bad users
  • Exclude previous winners or users who comment after the giveaway closes
  • Filter finalists by hashtags
  • Accumulate up to 10 posts in the same giveaway
  • Get a Certificate of Validity to prove your giveaway was fair
  • Test the app before you select a final winner
  • Run multiple giveaways from the same post
  • Announce the winners with a customized page
  • Announce the winners with a customized instant video
  • Notify winners automatically
  • Verify winners and get contact details with the Claim Your Prize feature
  • Manage winners, alternates, and disqualifications
  • Host terms and conditions
  • Export a list of users and their comments to an Excel file
  • Export a list of users who have ‘liked’ the publication to an Excel file
  • Export the list of winners and all their contact details to an Excel file

Your promotion’s call to action can be anything you can dream up. For example use your team’s hash tag with a call out to fans to tag who they’d love to watch games with. Assign the prizes you want to give away and you are off and running. (see more FAQ/Rules at the bottom of the page)

There are are three ways you can get started on your next great Facebook Comment ePromotion.

  1. Start a promotional manually, without the benefits of filtering, gathering data and an easy-to-execute program.
  2. Use the Services of EasyPromos, which include monthly charge to run social media contests and promotions like this. Use this link for details… and, YOUR FIRST FACEBOOK GIVEAWAY IS FREE!
  3. Use the form below and let us help you run this promotion. We work with you planning and creating the promotion and then we do the work and run the promotion for you.

    What kind of giveaway can I run on Facebook?
    Facebook has specific promotion policies. From Easypromos, complying with the social media’s good practices, we recommend running giveaways among users that comment on or ‘Like’ a post on a Facebook page. Learn how to write a giveaway post for Facebook with these tips.

    Can I get the data of the users that participate in a Facebook Giveaway?
    In a giveaway among comments on a Facebook page post, no data is captured. The app only works with public information from the social network.

    Can I run a Facebook Giveaway among the users that like my page, share a post or mention friends?
    These actions can’t be mandatory actions in order to enter a giveaway, according to the Facebook promotion policy. We recommend that the mandatory action is to comment on the post, and you can encourage users to take the other actions.

    What kind of giveaway can I run on Facebook?
    Facebook has specific promotion policies. From Easypromos, complying with the social media’s good practices, we recommend running giveaways among users that comment on or ‘Like’ a post on a Facebook page. Learn how to write a giveaway post for Facebook with these tips.

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