WNBA’s Massive New Star

Ellie continues to be “that bitch” in NY and has carved out her place by building on an identifiable character.

Ellie the Elephant continues to make her self the center of attention, here getting some play on After Midnight.

The First Lady of Mascots has been gaining popularity for the last couple seasons and is a great case study in “knowing who you are” as a character and showing it how you walk, act and react.

Ellie won a Best Mascot Honorable Mention nod in 2023 here on as well.

One panelist exclaimed “Ellie deserves a nod because it is not common for a WNBA mascot to get much attention. I feel like Ellie broke through the noise with her performances and engaging content.”

In her nomination one mascot inside explained Ellie gained a huge following recently by developing a unique take on a “female” sports mascot. “Ellie embraced overall sass and contemporary dancing, twerking and viral dances to make it their own. The Liberty does an awesome job promoting her every game and online dance trends have done amazingly well.”

In-Game Selfies from Toledo

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