#ODR in New Hampshire is Mascot Delight

Baseball mascots show their hockey chops on makeshift ODR in New Hampshire.

Recently the Fisher Cats found their dugouts had frozen over and become a near perfect backyard ice rink.  They took a photo on social media and let fans know that if they got 100 RT’s their mascots would skate in the dugouts.

It didn’t take long before Fungo and Slider were lacing up their skates and pounding each other into the boards in this winter wonderland.

Of course we opened our big mouths in our RT of this madness….and now we have to pay the piper with a big Water Cooler moment of the skating mascots.

Great use of social media to capture the moment and make some fun out of the off-season cold.

And it should be noted, for a couple of baseball mascots, those furballs have some skills on the ice.

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