The short list for greatest premium giveaways ever has just grown by one.

Beginning in 2018 the San Antonio Missions became the Flying Chanclas de San Antonio for Minor League Baseball’s Copa de la Diversión (Fun Cup). The Flying Chanclas have been part of the team ever since. The Copa de la Diversión celebrates Minor League Baseball’s hispanic fans and communities with teams transforming into hispanic-themed alter-egos with specialty logos and branding.

The name “Flying Chanclas” honors the matriarch of the Latino family.  The chancla has long been symbolic of the Abuelita (Matriarch/Grandmother) as she maintains the structure and order of the family….in other words, the she has been know to throw her slipper at misbehaving family members.

Chancla – Every hispanic child’s worse fear and every hispanic mother’s favorite tool. 

The team now has the ultimate branded giveaway with this weekend’s flip-flip giveaway, sure to be a hit with you and your grandma.

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