Dress For Success in El Paso

El Paso doesn’t just ask fans to come to their games…they are asking them to be PART of their games with this latest partnered theme night.

Call to action for fans in El Paso.

Come to the game with tropical shirt and shades for a chance to be upgraded to the Corona Seltzer section and live La Vida Mas Fiina

Of course this is part of the branding campaign for Corona:

The Corona family of brands has teamed up with entertainment icon Snoop Dogg to debut “La Vida Más Fina,” its first campaign designed to unite the Corona brand family. The fully integrated marketing campaign marks a refreshed take on the Corona lifestyle and an evolved, more optimistic tone for the brand as it continues to honor the OG classic Corona Extra while also growing to introduce Corona Hard Seltzer and other innovations.

As written on every bottle, Corona is crafted to be La Cerveza Más Fina, “the Finest Beer,” and the new campaign takes this philosophy a step further. Translated as “the Fine Life,” La Vida Más Fina encourages people to explore the fundamental truth that more fulfillment and joy can be found in just about anything, simply by changing one’s outlook. “You can’t choose everything in life, but you can still choose to find the fine in life,” Snoop Dogg said. “And with everything going on in the world, that’s a perspective people really might need to hear right now. Teaming up with a brand like Corona to encourage people to find more good in life, that’s La Vida Más Fina.” (prNewsWire)

Aside from a strong partnership, I like that the Chihuahuas are asking more from fans:  Don’t just come to the game, come dressed for success, come be a part of something…and, of course, you will be rewarded.

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