Cornell Freeney – German Wheel

From suspenseful to dynamic in less than 5 minutes, we get the backstory on dymanic performing artist Cornell Freeney and his German Wheel performance.

From suspenseful to dynamic in less than 5 minutes. Most people see the German wheel having no idea of its capabilities. Just when you think you have seen it all Cornell Freeney adds a new and exciting turn. Using strength, grace, and technique Cornell Freeney manipulates the wheel performing stunts that appear to be near death collisions and leaves the audience mesmerized. Where did your show come from?

Cornell Freeney: My act comes from the world of Wheel Gymnastics. When I was 15, I started competing in national competitions and at the age of 17, I entered the world championships. At the World championships, I earned a silver medal. Winning over 4 gold medals, I also dominated the US competitions. After I was done competing, I decided to focus more on performing. I started working on cruises for Royal Caribbean, then I performed in Ice shows in Italy, with Intimissimi on Ice. How did you adjust it for sports and halftime touring?

In 2015, I was introduced to the world of NBA halftime shows by my best friend and college roommate Christian Stoinev. From there, I had the halftime bug! After a few performances, I wanted to make my act unique to each team, so I started incorporating LED lights of the team’s colors. I also started wearing the team’s t-shirts.

I wanted to provide more entertainment, so I also developed a character called Gramps, modeled after Kyrie Irvins Uncle Drew. Gramps would perform during the quarter breaks on the dance cam. After doing a few dance moves, I would jump up and do a handstand on my walker. The crowd would go wild! What’s your signature moment in the show?  What kind of reaction does your show get?

Cornell Freeney:  There are 3 signature moments in my act, each more impressive than the last. The first is after rolling around flipping and twisting inside of the wheel, I then balance on top of the wheel. The second is when I roll around in the wheel like a coin with no hands, displaying extreme core strength. The last is when I have the audience on the edge of their seats and I do the unthinkable and perform a backflip from the top of the wheel. At each of these moments, you can be sure that the crowd is going wild with screams and cheers. How do you customize your show each night, or is the routine a refined and perfected show?

Cornell Freeney:  My act is refined and perfected and in every city, the fans are guaranteed to have their minds blown and be mesmerized going into the 3rd quarter. Do you have any unique experiences performing outside of sports, like performing on a TV contest or in-front of a unique crowd or venue?

Cornell Freeney:  My act has been seen on the Steve Harvey show, as well as Live at Showtime at the Apollo. I have also been touring the country with a company called Cirque Mechanics. Lastly, for over a decade, my act was a highlight onboard various Royal Caribbean cruise ships.

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